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Perform surface intensity measurement of an object

Use of the surface intensity comparator measurement system enables pass/fail evaluation based on sound even in an environment with a high background noise level such as a production line.

Draw a contour diagram of sound pressure distribution

Using the acoustic intensity measurement system allows the creation of contour diagrams and other tools for visualization of a sound source.

Measure working environment noise

To guard against the risk of hearing damage of operators working in an environment with high noise levels, measure the equivalent sound level and calculate values for evaluation.

Perform sound and/or vibration analysis in multiple channels

Use a general-purpose sound level meter or high-precision sound level meter. Set frequency weighting to “A”, and set time weighting to “F” (Fast) or “S” (Slow), as appropriate for the type of sound to be measured. Then measure sound level.

Perform noise-based pass/fail evaluation on a production line

This system detects abnormal sounds and vibrations of an object on a production line, for pass/fail evaluation. The evaluation can be based on sound pressure level or vibration level.

Measure a very low-level sound

Using a low-noise microphone and sound pressure level amplifier enables measurement of very low sound pressure levels in an anechoic chamber.

Investigate unusual or abnormal sound in a building

Measurement and analysis of unusual or abnormal sound in a building

Easily make architectural acoustics measurements with a single device

The NA-28 option program card enables easy measurement of airborne sound, floor impact sound insulation performance, and N/NC values, as well as reverberation time.

Measure NC value

This option program card enables measurement of room environmental sound level (N value or NC value) with the sound level meter

Make architectural acoustics measurements with a multi-channel setup

Use the multi-channel frequency analyzer SA-02 to make airborne sound and floor impact sound insulation performance measurements and output evaluation values.

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